[27 September/The Spinoff]

Dine at Mine entrepreneur, Daniel Kieser, has set up a food sharing platform, after having previously founded another successful venture called Shareclarity. He said he genuinely loved doing business. Dine at Mine allowed users to share food and was likened to Uber. It was available on the app store and allowed home chefs to create their own pop up restaurants to feed customers in their house, or have them take meals away. Users could setup their restaurant or food service on the app. Diners could book a meal or place at the table via the app and pay the required amount. Under New Zealand regulation, the app isn’t considered trading, so it does not need to meet food safety regulations. Mr Kieser said he did not think it was a unique idea, however it was about the 1 percent who actually take the step to making it a reality. While there was commercial potential at cafes and restaurants, he would prefer it remain in the peer to peer social space with regular people feeding others.