[26 June/AgFunder News]

Gene editing company Cibus raised USD70 million in Series C funding. The round was led by Fidelity Management and Research Company. The company launched its first crop in the U.S. to be tolerant of sulfonylurea herbicides. It has also received regulatory approval in Canada. The company would also use its technology to produce crops capable of reaching higher yields, with higher nutritional value, drought tolerance, and disease resistance. Cibus CEO, Peter Beetham, said farmers needed the ability to control weeds and herbicide tolerance to reduce the amount of herbicide needed. Clustered regulatory interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) is a molecular mechanism found in bacteria that effectively directs Cas9 enzymes to cut DNA. Once the strands are cut, the desirable genetic sequence could be inserted or simply left to naturally repair itself. Mr Beetham also said using the tool required the insertion of foreign DNA, which RTDS does not.