[30 August/Food Dive] Memphis Meats, Just, Fork & Goode, BlueNalu and Finless Foods have founded an alliance to represent the cell-based meat, poultry and seafood industry in order to advocate for their common regulatory and marketing benefit. The Alliance for Meat, Poultry & Seafood Innovation, or AMPS Innovation, will lobby in Washington, D.C., to educate consumers about cell-based products and serve as a marketplace of ideas for its members. Representatives of the five companies have consulted each other over the past year to compare notes on common issues. The alliance is looking at how the industry will be regulated and what to call its products. The current consensus is for the terms cell-based or cultured meat, which describes the process of taking animal cells and growing new muscle tissue from them in a controlled environment. The alliance doesn’t plan to hire staff but is coordinating with the Glover Park Group communications and lobbying firm, which also represents Memphis Meats.