[14 September/Global Meat News]

Cargill has reached an agreement to acquire Konspol. It was part of its global protein business ambition to enter into the Polish market and strengthen its poultry footprint. Under the agreement, Cargill will purchase the assets of the food and fresh chicken business. It would also acquire its portfolio of products which included brand and private label offerings, as well as its customer and supplier relationships. Konspol focused on chilled convenience, frozen and cold cut categories. It had more than 1,700 employees in Poland. The acquisition was expected to increase its production capacity and proximity to existing customers. Cargill Global Poultry President, Chris Langholz, said its commitment to high quality food and passion for innovation was the perfect fit for its business. Konspol Founder, Kazimierz Pazgan, said Cargill was a company with huge accomplishments and a global reach. It also shared their values.