[18 June/Dairy Reporter]

At the G-7 summit in Quebec, President Trump spoke about high tariffs on Canadian dairy trade, which promoted an industry wide debate across Canada. The U.S. paid up to 300 percent on exported dairy products to Canada. Mr Trump suggested a tariff free trade zone with G-7 members, which spark Canadian concerns of the U.S. flooding the Canadian market with low priced dairy surplus, threatening the livelihood of Canadian dairy farmers and processors. President of the Dairy Farmers of Canada Association, Pierre Lampron, said Canadian dairy farmers were concerned by the sustained attacks by Mr Trump with an aim of wiping out Canadian dairy farmers. Since 1970, Canada had tightly controlled its dairy industry with a supply management system. The Government decides and regulates how much dairy to produce each year. Mr Lampron took issue with Mr Trump’s implication that the Canadian dairy tariff was abnormally high.