[12 January/ABC]

Non-traditional uses for avocados need to be explored and promoted if the industry is to continue enjoying high prices and solid demand growth.  Large plantings nationwide mean more than 100,000 tonnes of avocados will be produced annually in Australia. Avocados Australia CEO, John Tyas, said farmers are on track to produce 115,000 tonnes by 2025, nearly trebling 2007/08’s production of 40,000 tonnes. Grower do not expect prices to reach highs of previous years, when a tray made up to AUD70. Avocados Australia is working on a campaign to improve the consumer experience of fruit and reduce the likelihood of shoppers buying a dud avocado. A push to include the fruit in a wider range of dishes is gaining traction, as culinary use is a critical part of soaking up booming production, one area being the use of avocados in dessert dishes which is booming internationally.