(8 July/Food Navigator)

Israel-based aquaculture firm AquaMoaf has just secured more than $230 million to build more than a dozen aquaculture facilities globally. The firm builds indoor aquaculture facilities that promote sustainable practices to grow fresh, natural and responsibly-farmed fish. Their system enables harvest all year round and the fish grow faster compared to other methods. They use a technology called a Recirculating Aquaculture System to achieve this, which means no fish escape when farming and mating with wild fish, and there are no anti-biotics or chemicals used in the farming process. This allows the fish to be fully traceable, healthy and fresh according to the company’s owner Yoac Dagan. The firm currently operates in Poland, Russia, Japan, Slovakia. With the help of the investment, AquaMoaf is looking to build a $70 million facility in Canada to farm salmon, which will make it the largest of its kind.