[21 January/ABC]

Industry outrage was prompted after a website detailing the location and contact details of Australian farms was launched.  The site was called an invasion of privacy. Animal rights charity, Aussie Farms, created the map, with the group’s executive director Chris Delforce noting it had been made live so the public could view the farms themselves. The map was created to enable consumers to make their own informed choices about who they supported with their purchases. The Farmers’ Federation believe it will encourage trespassing, potentially causing a biosecurity risk. Fiona Simson, National Farmers’ Federation President, added she was very concerned about the information on the map being viewable by the public, being a huge breach of privacy.  Mr Delforce wants to force transparency on an industry that’s dependent on secrecy. Mr Delforce added if farmers did not want their contact details on the site they could be removed. Legal options were being explored by Ms Simson. Much of the contact information on the map is available online through search engines but Ms Simson reported her concern that it was now easily accessible in one place.