[5 April/CNBC]

Alberstons planned to release its Plated meal kits to hundreds of stores this year. They acquired Plated last summer and plan to make it available through home delivery which as the reason to do the deal according to Plated Co-Founder and CEO, Josh Hix. They planned to further strengthen their partnership beyond selling the kits in stores. Plated is already offered in 20 stores in Northern California and 20 stores in Chicago. It did not specify the number of Alberstons stores that would sell the meal kids apart from saying hundreds. Walmart expected to roll out meal kits to 2,000 stores this year and Blue Apron said they would start selling meal kits in 2018. Mr Hix noted the meal kit industry was big and broad enough to allow for competitors. Alberstons also announced plans to acquire Rite Aid.