[27 February/Food Dive]

A California-based startup, Perfect Day, that creates cow-free milk proteins out of yeast has raised $24.7 million in funding according to Food Navigator. They have patented their process of producing non-dairy milk. Perfect Day co-founder, Perumal Gandhi, said that he believed once they had shown the product at a commercial scale at affordable prices, others will come in but by that point they will have a big head start in the industry. Product labelling is an obstacle and Perfect Day’s co-founders have had discussions with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration around how to state the ingredients are technically dairy yet animal-free. Their process involves taking food-grade yeast and adding 3D printed DNA sequences from dairy cows to produce the types of proteins in diary-based milks. If Perfect Day and other alternative animal-free products don’t start impacting the market, it is hard to see how U.S. consumers will respond to genetically engineered milk products.