[07 May/Food Dive]

Investors have put more than USD$16 billion (approx. NZD $24.25 billion) into plant-based and cell-based meat companies in the past ten years as well as a spike in acquisitions and new companies. Two reports released from The Good Food Institute stated that last year USD$673 million (approx. NZD$1 billion) was invested into plant-based meat, egg and dairy companies. The Good Food Institute noted changing consumer attitudes and the boost in sales of plant-based meat alternatives are driving these investments. Currently, a handful of companies are racing to be first to market with affordable cell-cultured meats such as beef, chicken, fish and crustacean products consumers will buy and enjoy in place of conventional ones. Consumer education and acceptance will be key, with the report concluding that once customers are more familiar with cell-cultured products the market will grow.