[12 June/Rural News]

One key recommendation given in KPMG’s Agribusiness Agenda is that the agriculture sector must take a more active role in ensuring every New Zealander is fed properly, feeding our own country first before we offer others our goods. The KPMG Agribusiness Agenda is based on interviews with industry leaders and was released at the KPMG Leaders Breakfast, at start of National Fieldays this week. The report states New Zealand’s agri-food sector is well positioned to take advantage of opportunities arising, as governments around the world prioritise investment in preventative healthcare. Over the next decade, food will become integral to how health and wellness is managed, with the role of food as a medicine will dominating how organisations develop, produce and distribute their products. Industry leaders are listening to the expectations of the wider community and are making changes based on these. The launch breakfast was attended by guests such as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor, Fonterra chairman John Monaghan and CEO Miles Hurrell.