[7 August/Farmers Weekly]

Ravensdown has reported strong earnings but believed its work helping farmers to reduce their environmental impact was as important. It said good progress was being made to ensure the most efficient application protocols are in place between its environmental consultants and nutrient management advisers and farmers. Its Chairman, John Henderson, said it wouldn’t maximise profit at the expense of the environment. It reported a profit before rebates and tax of $63 million, up $51 million year on year. It obtained business from new customers, and sheep farmers in particular who are benefiting from high lamb prices. Mr Campbell hoped its flagship fertiliser, Eco-N, could be re-introduced after working with government agencies. The group spent $34 million on infrastructure, and would continue to make bigger investments in areas such as high-precision plants. Mr Henderson said its focus over the last four years had been to deliver returns for shareholders and build company value.