[18 August/Stuff: NZ Farmer]

The kiwifruit claim has continued in the Wellington High Court with lawyers for the 212 growers and post-harvest operators making the claim against the Ministry for Primary Industries discussing the role that the Kiwi Pollen Company played in the PSA outbreak, they content their imports of pollen are believed to be the means by which PSA came into New Zealand. The company had imported pollen from Chile and China. The defence argued that the way PSA came into the country remains unknown. The company director, Jill Hamlyn, described a shipment that the company received from China in 2009 which arrived as anthers (part of the stamen that contains pollen) rather than just pure pollen. Other witnesses included Peter West, manager of a kiwifruit orchard, Olympos, which was the first orchard to be deemed a restricted place, some in the industry refer to it as ground zero for the PSA incursion.