[8 October/Stuff]

Farmlands want to help make New Zealand farms the safest in the world. They looked to their 68,000 shareholders nationwide to join their quest to improve New Zealand’s poor health and safety record in the primary sector. As the first step, Farmlands want to equip all farmers with free safety software to help keep them, their workers, and their families safe. They have teamed up with FarmIQ to create the SafeFarm application that could be accessed for free by Farmlands shareholders. According to Farmlands Chief Executive, Peter Reidie, it wanted shareholders to be safer at their place of work. He added compliance was adapting and changing, and the primary sector had to follow suit. It meant starting to learn about and embracing technology, and how it could help with compliance. SafeFarm has been created to provide the first step in the right direction, providing users with the ability to record core data such as hazards and their risk mitigation, incidents and the learnings from them, and emergency equipment locations. Mr Reidie believed the goal of safer New Zealand farms was achievable.