[2 October/Stuff]

According to Federated Farmers President, Katie Milne, it was a hard weekend after news that a mother and son died on a north Otago farm. They died in a tractor accident. Deaths and injuries of people working on farms had been trending downwards as the sector took the issue more seriously. Last year, 10 people died while working on farms compared to the average of 21 in the four years prior. Ms Milne said the she’ll be right attitude had changed in recent years. Worksafe Spokesman, Al McCone said there was an uproar with recent legislation, however there was a need for it. Of the 105 deaths on farms in the past six years, all but 16 were in vehicles. Ms Milne noted it hit home to her that attitudes had changed when she observed a staunch builder on her farm who refused to start a job until a latecomer arrived. She added safety about livestock had to become part of general daily conversation.