[28 February/Rural Life]

According to Shingle Creek Chevon Partner, Dougal Laidlaw, more pure and composite meat goats were needed to fill four shipments of live goats and goat meat to Asian clients. Due to the competitive live export market, he did not disclose the countries the goats were being sent to however he wanted to hear from farmers who were interested in supplying or rearing goats. He added they were trying to get more farmers in the South Island to breed Boer pure goats or composite goats. Shingle Creek was paying $6/kg year round for goats. Mr Laidlaw noted that they visited their farmer suppliers regularly and had established stock management protocols and set up animal health and traceability systems. He noted that the company was working on their brand image so that people knew they were buying a quality product. Their five year plan is to get to the stage of killing 20,000 goats annually compared to the 2,000 they currently kill.