[1 November/Hawkes Bay Times]

The Future Foods Conference in Napier saw more than 200 people hear that the best opportunity for Hawkes Bay to develop more value-added products was through focusing on goat meat rather than plant-based alternatives. Natasha Telles D’Costa told the conference that goat meat is the world’s most consumed meat with a lean, heart-healthy image. As a meat protein it lends itself to a range of different cuisines, it is a growing sector and can be processed on legacy capacity already in Hawkes Bay. Ms Telles D’Costa also noted that the goat is in short supply and uses land that can’t easily be used for producing other products adding that the biggest challenge is convincing farmers that there is a market. KPMG agri-food specialist, Julia Jones, told the conference that alternative proteins and natural whole foods will exist side by side and that selecting products that have some intersections with each other could help farmers enhance biodiversity and diversity revenue. She highlighted KPMG’s view that multiproduct farms are going to become the reality in the future the challenge for farmers is finding the support to start making changes.