[7 November/ New Zealand Herald]

GE- Free Northland is delighted that Federated Farmers of NZ has withdrawn two vexatious appeals to the Court of Appeal. GE-Free Northland, along with appellant Whangarei District Council and other interested parties successfully defended the right of local authorities to manage the outdoor use of GMOs in their region. Federated Farmers sought that the Northern Regional Council acted outside the law in 2015, and appealed this to the High Court after losing its appeal to the 2015 Environment Court. Spokesman Martin Robinson said FFNZ wasted their member’s money and resources, as well as Northland council’s and ratepayers’ money also. FFNZ had disputed the right of the councils to enforce precautionary GMO provisions, and the right of local mana whenua to identify issues of Significance. GE-Free Northland Chairwoman Zelka Grammer said it’s the right of the regions to create enforceable GE-free zones and protect primary producer’s access to key markets and premiums.