[6 June/Radio NZ]

Tolaga Bay logging companies could be subject to investigation after a deluge of logging debris was left strewn over properties, roads and rivers from flash flooding. Farmer Dean Breshnell said locals spent five years petitioning authorities over the mismanagement of forestry slash. Residents were lucky to escape unharmed as a torrent of debris went through properties. Mr Bresnell added there had been meetings around this issue. Gisborne District Council Environmental Services Director, Nick Zaman, said the debris was likely to have come from two logging companies in the area. He noted there had been land slips but it could also be due to the practices the forestry companies had adopted. Resident Lisa Goff woke up to find a river of around 3m deep running under her elevated house. Hikurangi Forest Farms was puzzled by how much debris was there. An online petition has been set up calling for stricter controls on forestry debris.