[17 April/Stuff NZ]

At the recent Grow 2019: Boma NZ Agri Summit, PurePlus+ chief executive Amy Keller said that 40 percent of what is grown globally becomes food waste, with 50 percent of this being made up by fruit and vegetables. PurePlus+ makes plant-based powders derived from fruits and vegetables that otherwise would be wasted. The powder adds a nutrient boost into a range of beverages, nutritional bars, super food powder blends and baking products, as well as providing nutrition to vulnerable populations.   Food waste is market inefficiency according to Mrs Keller. Kiwi growers and supermarkets say they are less wasteful than other countries because of closeness to markets and by matching picking and harvesting to demand. Reduction of food waste would not only cut greenhouse gas emissions, but also feed a population forecast of ten billion by 2050. It is reported that the main reason for food wastage is bad weather, poor roads, poor packaging and distribution problems. Countdown’s head of produce Steve Sexton said its goal was zero food waste by 2020.