[2 August/Stuff]

Seafood NZ Executive Chairman, Craig Ellison, updated his personal appraisal on the state of the industry at this year’s Seafood New Zealand conference. In 2017, he likened the industry to a studious pupil who showed signs of maturity, but could do better.  He now suggested the industry had made some positive moves towards a straight A grade, but improvements were a work in progress. The industry kept its C grade for the number of prosecutions, but the industry was getting better at condemning those who contravened the code. Mr Ellison noted the industry was doing good work on minimising its environmental impact. Investment in science and innovation had a successful year with Sanford’s investment in nanofiber skincare technology. Accountability moved from a B minus to a B. He noted while the debate for cameras on board was ongoing, digital monitoring in the over 28 metre fleet was in place.