[17 December/Stuff]

The revamped Auckland Fish Market has opened in Wynyard Quarter in Auckland with owners, Sanford, looking to use the market to showcase the wide variety and quality of New Zealand fish. ┬áThe renovations have taken nine-months to complete and has resulted in the creation of 10 new eateries, 2 bars and a Sanford & Son fishmonger in the centre of the market. The leases require the restauranteurs to have seafood on the menu at most of the eateries but there will also be other food options. Sanford Chief Customer Officer, Andre Gargiulo, said the company would like to share feeds from its boats in future to show people how and where the fish is caught sustainably. Mr Gargiulo said that Sanford wants to make seafood a hero of New Zealand’s food culture, adding that the company want New Zealanders and international visitors to see the Auckland Seafood Market as a destination to come and be wowed, be educated and really enjoy their time visiting, as well as leaving with a greater understanding of seafood in New Zealand and the respect it is given.