[19 June/Otago Daily Times]

New Zealand’s largest fishing vessel, the Tokatu, was due to arrive in Nelson follow its six week delivery voyage from Norway. The state of the art vessel is the first purpose built ship to be added to New Zealand’s deep water fleet in more than 20 years and was designed to fish for all species. The vessel was built for Sealord over 16 months in Norway. Sealord Chief Executive, Steve Yung, said it was equipped with energy production equipment that would allow it to be driven by electricity. It also had fuel saving technology and new precision seafood harvesting technology. It will complete final testing in Nelson before going to work. It requires around 50 crew for each voyage plus a full turnaround crew of 50 more onshore. The name comes from the Maori proverb Te toka tu moana which means the rock that stands in the ocean.