[27 March]

Syndex, an innovative investment platform, announced the listing of its first diversified agriculture fund. The Natural Farm Food Limited Partnership Fund (NFFLP) was being released alongside Farm Venture which was a farm property and operations management business. The new funds aimed to raise $150 million.  Syndex Chief Executive, Ross Verry, said the Farm Venture fund had an innovative structure and allowed for both institutional and wholesale investors. Farm Venture’s Managing Director, Tim Barrett, added that the fund was targeting returns of 10 percent per annum and that it investors would be kept well informed due to its strict reporting disciplines. Mr Verry noted the benefit of the fund and its investors from utilising Syndex focussed on administrative ease. He explained that detailed reports could easily be distributed to investors, and that there was informational transparency. He said this meant the fund had a higher level of liquidity than traditional agriculture investments.