[5 September/Otago Daily Times]

Foresters and farmers were wary of a report from the Productivity Commission on New Zealand meeting its climate change target. In particular, they are uncertain on the achievability of the annual forest planting rate of 100,000 hectares. Federated Farmers were concerned about the amount of land required for planting while the Forest Owners Association believed new land would be found on farms but cautioned farmers would need good advice. The Labour government is targeting a zero net emissions economy by 2050. Federated Farmers Climate Change Spokesman, Andrew Hoggard, said they were pleased the Commission recognised the credible elements for long lived and short lived gases to be treated differently, however the report needed careful scrutiny. Forest Owners Association President, Peter Weir, noted the scope of new planting required a level that had only been achieved once before in 1994, and would need to continue for the next three decades.