[11 March/Rural News]

OSPRI warns that the NAIT accounts of farmers will have a closer watch on them, along with NAIT users who choose not to record or confirm their livestock movements. Kevin Forward, Head of NAIT reports that they are currently reconciling historical issues with farmers where movement records are incomplete. Compliance and enforcement are jointly managed by NAIT Ltd and the NAIT compliance team at the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) as prescribed in the NAIT Act 2012. Mr Forward states that OSPRI acts as the management agency for NAIT with their priority focusing on making sure farmers understand their obligations and if needed will guide them in updating their accounts. NAIT has also been ‘cleaning-up’ the NAIT information system through a recent system upgrade. NAIT has rolled out an extension and education campaign to support all NAIT users and the NAIT team will be present at the regional field days according to Mr Forward. Consultation has opened up after NAIT has revised three standards. OSPRI has invited the primary industry’s supply chain, livestock tag manufacturers and NAIT users to get involved in discussing the proposed changes.