[24 April/Rural Life]

Farm sales for the March quarter fell 11 percent with 50 fewer sales than the same period last year. The spread of Mycoplasma bovis had an effect on sales in some regions. Arable was down almost 41 percent and grazing was down almost 37 percent according to Real Estate Institute of New Zealand data. There were 388 farm sales for the quarter to March, compared to 384 for the quarter to February 2018. REINZ Rural Spokesman, Brian Peacocke, said that there were 1,513 farms sold in the year to March 2018, which was 15.7 percent less than a year ago. He added that around Otago there was a continuation of solid sales and activities on both finishing and grazing properties. Mr Peacocke added that Mycoplasma bovis and its ongoing management issues were a major issue in Southland, particularly for owners of properties who sought a sale.