[14 May/The Country]

New Zealand Police have been accused of targeting “everyday kiwis” during recent armed raids to seize firearms on South Island Properties. On Thursday, farm manager, Adam Mielnik became the newest subject in this topic. Around lunchtime, eight police cars sped up his driveway and policemen armed with semi-automatics and dogs spread out across his yard with detectives approaching the house to question him. Police targeted Mielnik due to recently purchasing a AR-15 at a Christchurch gun shop, the day after the Christchurch Mosque attack. Following the interrogation, Mielnik had to surrender his AR-15 and accessories worth in total about $3,000.When the ban came into place, he said he tried to return the gun but the shop was not interested. He acknowledges the reasons behind the ban and seizure, but was unsure why he was approached in such a heavy-handed manner. Mielnik does not plan to lodge a complaint even though his family has been left unsettled by the event.