[2 July/Stuff]

American millionaires Margaret and Gary Hirshberg are investing in New Zealand after getting approval from the Overseas Investment Office. They were cleared to buy a property near Motueka to set up an organic sheep farm and organic market garden. They also intended to do extensive native planting. The sellers got $4 million for the property. A British couple were also given consent to buy a dairy goat farm near Te Aroha. They intended to bring in their Yorkshire dairy goat and export genetics from New Zealand. The Overseas Investment office decisions said Gary Hirshberg would run workshops for organic farmers and mentor local sheep cheese makers.  Mr Hirshberg was the long-time CEO of Stoneyfield Farm, the leading producer of organic yogurt in the US. The Overseas Investment Office said the unique characteristics of the Wielkopolskis new goat breed would help develop a more efficient method of dairy goat farming in New Zealand.