[10 May/Farmers Weekly]

Farmers are confused by the Government’s approach to gas emissions, and want to know how they can achieve them without going broke. To blame an arable or any farming system for global warming is defying all science and biology, Mid Canterbury Cropping and Livestock Farmer Ian Mackenzie reports. Mr Mackenzie states that targets are unrealistic and will adversely impact rural communities. He also states that by growing grains, farmers are taking carbon out of the atmosphere which is not recognised by the Government. Fairlie Farmer Mark Adams wants the Government to tell him how to stop his sheep and cattle burping as reducing stock numbers is too simplistic and could result in unintended consequences and reports that a major education scheme is needed. Andrew Booth, a Farmer and one of DairyNZ’s Climate Change Ambassadors reports that the 2030 target to reduce methane by 10% is a big ask and can only work if farmers buy in.