[23 March/Radio NZ]

A group of mainly Wellington scientists are calling for a partial ban on the herbicide Glyphosate, and for the Environmental Protection Authority to cancel a report clearing it of serious health risks. They said the methodology was not sufficient to overturn previous findings that Glyphosate was carcinogenic. Scientist from the Centre for Public Health Research at Massey University in Wellington, Professor Jeroen Douwes, led the group. He noted that there was sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity in experimented animals. The EPA report defended Glyphosate and noted that they needed to consider everything in order to take a net benefit approach. They agreed that with high exposure cancer could occur, but did not believe we had high exposure in New Zealand. Professor Douwes added that there was a strong reason to do a reassessment and to reject the current report. He did not think an outright ban was justified, but believed signage on the packaging would be useful so people could protect themselves.