[5 October/The Country]

Submitters favoured an all gases target for the Government’s Carbon Zero Bill, however were divided on what that should look like. Around 58 percent of submitters supported a target that would include all greenhouse gases. Around 22 percent favoured a target of net-zero emissions by 2050 for long-lived gases. Around 8 percent of submitters suggested alternative options. Z Energy backed the all gases target, but suggested a more granular approach, recognising the complexity of including short-lived gases in the target. It suggested a cap on short lived gases with an effort on innovative solutions. Air New Zealand noted the all-gases target was essential to ensure fairness and meaningful reductions. The treatment of methane was critical for the effectiveness of New Zealand’s emissions trading scheme. Climate Change Minister, James Shaw, added the results would be combined with the advice the Government had already received from the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment and the Productivity Commission.