[23 August/The Country]

Wastebusters is being forced to shut down due to economic conditions. It had been the facilitator, educator and champion of recycling in the Mid Canterbury region. On-farm recycling would end on 31 August. The green waste operation and shop would close on 28 September and the whole operation would shut at the end of October. Six jobs would be lost. Wastebusters manager, Sharon Breakwell, said the drop in price of recycled materials and market uncertainty were the cause of their decision to shut down. She added it was the only sensible option and there had been a lot of pressure on their market in Malaysia. She noted the Malaysian market was swamped with product and no more was being accepted for three months. Due to tight cash flows and budget, they were unable to hold product for that long. Ms Breakwell had been involved with Wastebusters for 18 years.