[2 October/Stuff]

The Ceres Organics’ classic muesli range would now come in Home Compostable Packaging. This would help reduce the amount of single-use plastic in our landfills. Consumers throw out 50 tonnes of household waste every second, and around 15.5 tonnes of waste is generated in New Zealand every year. The talks against plastic have increased, and consumers are moving towards environmentally friendly products and packaging. The packaging was developed in New Zealand to reduce its impact on the planet, while having the same functionality as traditional plastic. They could be composted in a home compost bin or worm farm. Its muesli range planned for more products to follow in the future. It estimated a saving of over 300,000 plastic bags over the next year. Ceres Organics Founding Director, Noel Josephson, said it was an important step towards reducing the world’s consumption of single-use plastics.