[28 September/NZ Herald]

Over 100 business representatives would meet to look into the future of alternative food sources. Scorpions were up high on the agenda. Business Hawke’s Bay Chief Executive, Carolyn Neville, said findings from a report needed to be socialised with a bigger group of people to look at the global trends and opportunities. More than 150 people would attend the conference. She added it was essential to understand trends that would shape consumer choice. She noted food was changing faster than ever before and it was important for New Zealand to understand what the global food industry could look like in the future. Speakers would discuss everything from the use of insects as food sources, to using peas to make alternative proteins. All food served at the conference would be from alternative sources. Anteater Spokesman, Peter Randrup, noted the future of protein would be insects, plants, algae, and lab-grown meat.