[28 June/The Country]

Synlait Milk marked its 10th year in business by launching a sustainability programme designed to lead it through the next decade. It featured bold impact reduction ambitions. The main one being to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent per kilogram of milksolids on farm and 50 percent off farm by 2028. Other features included reduction of water consumption. The programme includes increased premium payments to suppliers for best practice dairy farming. Synlait also announced the installation of New Zealand’s first large scale electrode broiler. Outgoing Chief Executive, John Penno, said it was not asking each supplier to improve greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent, but that it was across the supply base. Synlait worked with top pastoral greenhouse gas scientists in formulating the reduction aim numbers. Details about the various greenhouse gases and their targets were discussed by Director of Sustainability and Brand, Hamish Reid. The main target gases were nitrous oxide and methane.