[03 April/Rural Life]

Dairy farmers Geoff and Beth Henderson have a farm near Pukerau , providing unpasteurised, unhomogenised raw milk.   Customers seeking unpasteurised and unhomogenised raw milk are delighted, but the paperwork and compliance requirements are comprehensive. The Henderson’s’ own a 130ha, self-contained property with 280 cows, including about 25, selected A2 DNA-tested cows, which are used for raw milk production. The milk is restricted by the Ministry for Primary Industries’ requirements as to how they sell, where they sell, and who they sell to. Restrictions mean they can only deliver directly to customer’s homes or sell it from the farm gate. Mr and Mrs Henderson state that the paperwork and compliance is extensive and ongoing which raises the cost of producing it. The raw milk is tested in Christchurch or Hamilton for listeria, campylobacter and salmonella every 10 days as well for shed hygiene.