[27 February/Dairy Reporter]

NZMP, global ingredients brand of Fonterra, has released its top five dairy trends for 2019 based on various global food and nutrition research providers. The trends include digestive wellness, focusing on the publics increasing awareness of microbiome science and its effects on overall health and wellbeing. Awareness has increased demand for products that promote digestive wellness such as yoghurt. The second trend is snacking as an occasion in its own right. Snack items have a share of 40 percent of food and beverage consumption in diverse markets which is increasing the demand for high quality snacks and increased demand. Ethics goes 360 reveals how consumers are seeking ethically sourced and sustainably produced items which are both healthy for the world and for the consumer. Total wellbeing looks how consumers are looking after not just their physical health but also total body, mind and emotional wellbeing. Lastly, adventurous consumption as customers show curiosity and seek new food items. These trends help NZMP to meet consumer’s changing needs.