[11 October/The Country]

A2 Milk’s would have to contend with competition when Nestle rolled out an a1-beta free product in the next two months. It launched an A2 beta protein formula in China earlier this year. Category Business Head for Nestle, Tarun Malkani, said the product had met expectations in China with the intention of distributing it more widely. She added it would launch an A2 beta protein formula in Australia this month, and in New Zealand in November. Around 30 percent of the world’s cattle herd produced only the A2 variety of milk. A2 Milk had enjoyed a ten year first movers advantage on its competitors. It made up about 10 percent of the fresh milk, and 32 percent of the infant formula market in Australia. It makes up around 5 percent of the Chinese infant formula market. Nestle was the world’s largest food and beverage company with more than 2,000 brands.