[30 October/Radio NZ Rural]

The a2 Milk Company has spurned a complaint about its product from other US based competitors saying it is based on incomplete and outdated scientific evidence.  The National Milk Producers Federation in the US has complained that a2 Milk is making false claims based on an unreliable and clinically insignificant study in promoting its milk as being easier on digestion and a product that may help some people avoid discomfort.  The National Advertising Division in the US acknowledged a2 Milk’s position and recognised that the company’s claims had been exonerated in a case in California but noted that the company had declined to participate in a review of its advertising claims and as a result it has referred to the matter to the Federal Trade Commission for further review.  The company said in a statement it was disappointed but not surprised that its conventional milk competitors had challenged their claims, noting the claims made in the challenge had previously undergone extensive regulatory review and that the company strongly believes in truthful advertising and will continue to market its products accordingly.