[8 October/ Otago Daily Times]

Mataura Valley Milk is building a unique and highly specialised nutrition plant near Gore to manufacture premium nutritional formulas. Mataura Valley said this is a different business to a dairy company, as highly functional and high-value products will be made to order. The project offers 30 local farmers an opportunity to supply high-quality milk and be shareholders in a nutritional business with an integrated supply chain from farm to market. The plant will employ 65 full-time staff and is on schedule to start production in August 2018. Mataura Valley Milk is recruiting some of New Zealand’s top nutritional talent to live and work in Gore. The $240 million investment is predicted to bring $90 million to the local economy annually. Mataura Valley Milk is also investing $6.5 million in Gore’s wastewater treatment plant to earn the trust and respect of Southland people.