[26 September/Dairy News]

Lewis Road Creamery launched its new Gold Top Jersey milk which contained the a2 B-Casein protein. It was sourced from Jersey Girl Organics in Matamata which produced its milk under its own brand. Lewis Road Founder, Peter Cullinane, said they wanted to bring New Zealanders the best milk the country had to offer, and Jersey Girl Organics produced that. It would supply the product nationwide. Jersey Girl Organics Owner, John Vosper, said the deal enabled them to expend the distribution of their milk. He noted they were a passionate milking family but could only sell their milk in a limited number of stores until now. He added Jersey produced less milk, however it was higher in butterfat which was why the taste was exquisite. The Gold Top Milk also only contained the a2 B-Casein protein.  It is available from supermarkets nationwide and comes in rPET packaging, made from recycled plastic and is recyclable.