[30 April/NZ Herald]

Lactose intolerant Aucklanders are being sought for a study by The Liggins Institute and AgResearch that they hope will assist intolerant people to tolerate dairy. The study follows a trial last year that found one glass of a2 Milk prevented some symptoms of lactose intolerance. They are looking for twenty males and twenty females aged 20-40. Dr Amber Milan of the Liggins Institute said they wanted to make sure results were applicable to both men and women. Participants will consume conventional cheese and milk for a fortnight and a2 milk and cheese for two weeks, with a recovery break in between. They will look to see if benefits of a2 milk persist over a longer period. Dr Milan said lactose intolerant people can sometimes build up their tolerance to lactose. AgResearch Scientist, Matthew Barnett, added that there was evidence from animal studies that a breakdown of the A1 protein caused inflammation of the small intestine.  The work is being part funded by the High Value Nutrition National Science Challenge and The A2 Milk Company.