[12 November/NZ Herald]

Manawatu farmer, James Stewart, had some concerns when he agreed to host the general public on his farm as part of Fonterra’s Open Gate initiatives, but in hindsight he recognises he need not have worried. Mr Stewart said the day was a really positive experience.  Stewart Dairies was one of the 16 properties around the country that took part in the programme, where farmers welcome the general public to spend a day on the farm. Around 600 people turned up to Stewart Dairies, which is an 800 cow operation in the Manawatu. Mr Stewart told The Country’s Rowena Duncum that kids and their parents particularly enjoyed a day on the farm, noting at one point he went into the shed and it was packed, like a rock concert.  He added that he was pleased to have received positive feedback from his guests which was really appreciated by him and his staff.