[31 May/Radio NZ]

New Image Group Founder, Graeme Clegg, said he had been fielding concerned calls about his infant formula from around the world about Mycoplasma bovis. Around 150,000 cattle will be culled as part of the eradication programme. Mycoplasma bovis can cause lameness, abortions and mastitis in cows, but there is no risk to human health from the infection. Mr Clegg added his company had been working quickly to reassure overseas markets their products posed no danger to consumers. He noted he realised the governments statement had to be made, but there wasn’t clarity of the fact there is no threat to humans associated with it. Mr Clegg said their products were universally sold all around the world, so they had a big customer base. Through its own announcements and reassurances, the company managed to stop any damage being done.