[20 November/New Zealand Herald]

Fonterra has launched a television campaign to showcase how farmers have upped their game in efforts to improve water quality. The move comes after water quality emerged as a key issue during September’s general election. Miles Hurrell, Chief Operating Officer of Fonterra Farm Source, said that there was a greater focus on the issue and that the public wanted access to clean water. He stated that farmers had spent more than $1 billion in fencing off waterways and on riparian planting in the past five years. Fonterra recently announced that it would be spending $250 million at its 26 manufacturing sites to try to reduce its water consumption by 20 percent. The co-operative is also doubling the number of advisors to help farmers develop tailored environmental plans and is also opening the gates on a number of farms around the country in December for the public to visit and learn more about how dairy farmers are managing their environmental impact.