[30 May/Stuff NZ]

Lewis Road Creamery has unveiled a new range of standard milk on sale in supermarkets sourced solely from Waikato jersey cows. It is the first time a standard milk product from a single breed has been released in New Zealand. As well as a higher butterfat content, jersey milk contains less water, less lactose and high levels of calcium. “Our customers want to know the provenance of their dairy, they want whole products that haven’t been over-processed, and they want to be able to taste that difference,” co-founder Peter Cullinane reported. Lewis Road’s processor, Green Valley Dairies (GVD) had been collecting milk from Chinese-owned Theland Farm Group’s farm at Collins Rd, just south of Hamilton. The farm had a jersey herd whose milk was going into its general collection. Cullinane approached the company and asked if it was interested in supplying them with jersey milk under the Lewis Road label, and it was. The first collection was made on May 28 in time to be processed and bottled for its launch on May 30.