[5 July/NBR]

The salary of a2 Milk’s new managing director, Jayne Hrdlicka, would be more than double that of her predecessor. She would take over the role on July 16. Ms Hrdlicka was previously the Chief Executive of the Jetstar Group, and would start on a base salary of AUD1.5 million. Her short term incentive would be up to 100 percent of her base salary depending on performance. Her long term incentive would be the rights to buy shares. Until her rights are vested and fully paid, she will not have any right to dividends. The company mostly reported losses until the 2016 financial year. It expected revenue to be between $900 and $920 million, up from $549.2 million last year. She would be required to give six months’ notice if she decided to leave the company.