[4 August/NZ Herald]

The a2 Milk Company’s (‘A2 Milk’) new Chief Executive, Jayne Hrdlicka, is relaxed about competition entering the A2 milk market. She said more competition could only grow the segment. A2 Milk accounts for around 10 percent of the fresh milk market in Australia and is being successful in the lucrative Chinese infant formula market. It has indicated that it expects to report strong earnings growth. A2 Milk said its revenue for the year would be around $922 million, up 68 percent on last year. Its share price rose from $4.44 a year ago to $10.42 currently. Attracting new CEO, Jayne Hrdlicka, was seen as a coup for A2 Milk. She previously led Jetstar and was a possible successor to Qantas’ Chief Executive before taking on her new role. She noted her time at Qantas was a great experience and she learnt more than she could have in other industries. In her new role, she expected to spend time in Australia, New Zealand, China and the United States. A2 Milk had big plans for the U.S. looking forward.